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Your new bike arrives fully ready to ride in under three minutes. Simply install your front wheel and your favorite pedals, and you’re ready to chase your own adventure. At Harfan Bike Store we take pride in giving you the best possible bike purchasing experience, whether that be in our store, over the phone, or online. One area that sets us apart from our competitors is the effort we go to in order to ensure your bike reaches you in a safe and secure condition with only minor assembly before you can hit the road or the trail. BEWARE! Many online retailers will simply ship the bike to you in this flat-packed state requiring you to fully assemble the bike at home. This is time-consuming and challenging, especially if you don’t have the specialist tools and skills to do the job.

Comprehensive assembly is a STANDARD SERVICE on all bikes purchased at Harfan Bike Store.

For your convenience, comfort, and safety ALL bikes purchased via our mail order service or through the Harfan Bike Store website are fully assembled and tested by one of our Cytech qualified mechanics prior to being dispatched. During the assembly process the forks, wheels, seat-post, and components are fitted. Gears and brakes are adjusted (disc brakes bled if necessary), wheels are trued, tires pumped up and all nuts and bolts tightened.


Each bike that leaves our warehouse is completely assembled by our techs to ensure that every aspect of your bike is ready to go and safe to ride when it arrives at your door. We do the work, so you can spend your time on the ride. This build process allows our bike techs to inspect your bike from end to end, verify all parts are included, and everything is functioning properly.


Our techs perform a multi-point inspection of your frame and various components to ensure that there are no defects, flaws, or mechanical issues. It is one thing to just assemble a bike, but we take that a step further by inspecting and testing your bike for function and safety. You can ride assured that your bike is ready for the world of adventure before you.


Everything from wheel to wheel is torqued, adjusted, and calibrated. What good is a beautiful bike if it doesn’t perform equally well? Our bike techs ensure that your bike and components are dialed in to perform flawlessly mile after mile, so you can focus on your ride, and not worry about maintenance.


We’ve designed our bike box to ensure the ultimate protection of your bike and the absolute minimum setup upon arrival. Once we’ve Built, Tested, and Tuned your new bike, it comes time to send it out to its new home. We use injection molding to create completely custom packaging to protect your new bike on its journey. Once your bike arrives, simply open the box, remove the protective foam pieces and install your front wheel.

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