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Our job is matching bikes to riders, and it’s really important that your new bike is comfortable and fits you properly.

That’s why we offer free test rides on any bike in any store. You can compare different bikes and make sure your new bike is exactly what you want.

To test ride a bike just pop into one of our stores. If you would like to test a particular bike please contact your local store in advance so we can prepare the bike for you.

How it works on the day

 Please bring along a couple of things with you:

  • Debit or Credit card (Chip & Pin)
  • ID and Photo identification

We will take 1p on a chip & pin debit/credit card just to verify the ownership of the card. You will be asked to complete a quick test ride form. You will be offered a helmet and any safety equipment that is necessary – such as lights, hi-viz waistcoat etc.

Both the debit/credit card and the photo identification will be retained by the store whilst the test ride takes place.

NB: If you don’t have any photo identification we will need to take full payment for the most expensive bike being tested, which will later be refunded. The store manager reserves the right to decline test rides at their discretion.

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